Unreleased, Unannounced and Canceled South Park Video Game Cinema for Original Xbox

About two weeks ago my brother-in-law and I stumbled upon an original Xbox Development Kit (XDK).  This kit had a three unreleased programs and unannounced games that appeared to be in the works - one was a game called cavegirl - you control a silhouetted "cavegirl" that can jump and run around a silhouetted world.  Incomplete and not much going on in this title.  The second was a playable/controlable cinema for the game Happy Feet.  Not much going on here either. The third, and final file(s) we opened were for a title called 'spark'.   We weren't sure what it was at first, but upon opening we realized it to be an unreleased/unannounced and canceled South Park video game that never saw the light of day on Xbox.

The gameplay is largely incomplete and there are many bugs.  The game is unfinished.  It appears to be an open world mix of South Park meets Grand Theft Auto and/or Simpsons Hit and Run  However, after extracting the files, we found a cinema of what looks to be a brief intro to a mission of the game.  I've went ahead an uploaded the video to YouTube and have linked it below.


Stay tuned as we search for more hidden treasures of this unheard of gem! 

1994 & 1995 Nintendo Holiday Demonstration Binders with VHS Tapes on eBay!

Here is something you don't see everyday - 2 DIFFERENT Nintendo Holiday Demonstration binders with the original VHS Tapes.  Both are from the mid 1990s and are in amazing condition. These binders were sent out by Nintendo to retailers like Toys 'r Us or Kaybee Toys to promote and educate the employees of the upcoming releases for the holiday seasons.  What you have here are for the years 1994 and 1995.  I've been in this hobby a long, long time and I have never seen these binders.  If you are the paper-type of collector or the, must have everything SNES guy or gal, these are a must own.  1200 bucks each or best offer!


From the sellers auction(s)

Up for auction is Nintendo's 1995 edition of their Holiday Demonstration Program Sales Binder.  This binder was sent as part of a holiday display bundle to retailers in order to inform employees of Nintendo's upcoming holiday games, promotions and sales.  Included also is a VHS tape that gives information on Nintendo's holiday lineup, ideas for retail employees on how to engage customers that may have questions, and roleplaying examples of how to better sell Nintendo products.  Some hot sellers at the time were the newly released Virtual Boy System and Earthbound just to name a few.  Internal paperwork like this is quite difficult to find as these were meant to be kept away from the general public, though sometimes items like this do manage to fall into collector's hands!  Pictures are of the actual item you will receive.

The seller, limbofunk, is a long time collector.  He has some other amazing items up for sale - 

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Hello Kitty Promo / Pre-Production Nintendo DS Lite System Cases

My lord, where did I go for a month? I'm not really sure.  Anyway, here are two unique Hello Kitty Nintendo Game Cases.  Read below!

Hello Kitty Pre-Production Nintendo DS Lite game console cases. Both cases were never produced/released.
PINK Auction
BLACK Auction

A little bit of info - these two cases were going to be produced by RDS Industries and were to be officially licensed by Nintendo. The cases never saw the light of day because they were not to code/style for Nintendo.  These are the only two like these produced.  You won't find another two similar.  Both very rare, one of a kind items.  Both are still very affordable!

Other things that caught our eyes on eBay (current and ended auctions)

Adventure International's 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe Brand New - Sells for over $2,000 USD! I wonder if Scott Adams' garage is filled with sealed copies of all of his classics?  This particular copy was a 5.25" diskette & data cassette tape for the Atari 8-Bit computer.  A VERY nice copy!  Peterolafson, the seller, has had some AMAZING auctions running over the past year.  Check out his ended items - HOLY HELL!

Super Nintendo SNES Burn in Controller TEST Cartridge - newly listed!  Super, SUPER rare SNES Burn-in cartridge.  This particular cart is the Controller Test program.  Test cartridges like this were used at Official Nintendo Service Centers back in the day.  From my experience, Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 test carts are among the hardest to come by - someone should snag this beauty as they only appear once in a blue moon. The seller, vgrxe185, is completely reliable and legit.

All images courtesy of ebay.com 

Tiger Advertisement coming next week! I promise :D

Video Game Advertisements Weeks 4,5 & 6! Lemmings, Destiny of an Emperor and Super Off Road

Vintage Video Game Advertisement - Week 4, 5 & 6 - check back each Saturday to see a new advertisement posted

I must say, it's been a busy three weeks here at Wafflefoot.  Cataloging, organizing and receiving inventory is trying. Making sure everything is up to par when the store launches has kept me from my weekly Saturday ritual of adding a new (old) video game advertisement to the site. 

SO, today, you get 3 for 1 - that's right, 3 classic and totally rad ads from the era of the Nintendo Entertainment System! 

I do not have much to say or add to the ads today, but please enjoy these classics!

If you get the itch to play one of these, click below on one of the eBay links.

Next Saturday - we'll cover Tiger Handhelds and their... uhhh... fun-ness from the 90s.

Adventures of Lolo Promotional Plush Characters

Adventures of Lolo Plush Characters, Lolo and Lala. Promo items from HAL America circa 1990
Images courtesy of ebay.com

Now this is something you don't see everyday.  In fact, I've never seen these two cute and cuddly figures and I've been collecting, buying and selling Nintendo products since 2000.  Sure, the same seller is offering up the HOLY GRAIL of all Nintendo NES Games (the Nintendo World Championship cartridge), but these two little plush figures are a bit more my style.

While the wife may be none too happy if I spend upwards of $100 on stuffed animals, these two guys are legit!  Still 2-days to go! My inner 7-year-old self must resist...


Complete in Box and GEM Mint Donkey Kong for Nintendo NES

image courtesy of eBay dot com

image courtesy of eBay dot com

My close friend and former Nintendo World Champion 3rd place finisher, Robin Mihara, is auctioning off some of the nicest condition Black Box games in the world.  While most have already sold, This 'Original' Donkey Kong for the NES might be the nicest, complete, copy I've ever seen.

The Black Box series games were the launch titles for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) when it was released in 1985.  This particular Donkey Kong happens to be a first print with an un-punched hangtab (see the picture on the back of the box).  These particular titles are getting harder and harder to find in this type of condition.   Don't miss out on this auction - while it may already be at $200, recorded sales for sealed copies of this game have reached far into the thousands!

Or check out Robin's other auctions for awesome sealed titles and VGA Graded games in amazing condition... or buy something for the misses, like the holy-grail of Playstation 1 games - the Syphon Filter 3 Pre-9-11 Cover.  

Bubble Bobble Nintendo NES Print Advertisement

Vintage Video Game Advertisement - Week 3 - check back each Saturday to see a new advertisement posted

Bubble Bobble in all it's 8-bit glory!

Bubble Bobble in all it's 8-bit glory!

Few games had as much influence on my life as Bubble Bobble did in the early 1990s.  This title pretty much sold me on the NES. It really does feel like yesterday that I can recall sitting for hours playing this game with my sister. The two magnificent, cute and chubby little dinosaur mascots MADE this particular title.  Bub and Bob were money baby, and they didn't even know it.  This platformer, meets occasional puzzle was originally a Taito Arcade game that saw many ports to the home console market.   Bubble Bobble and it's characters also spawned popular spin-offs such as the a Bust-A-Move franchise and sequels like Rainbow Islands and the rare Bubble Bobble 2 for NES and Game Boy.  

We are currently out of stock on Bubble Bobble - however, don't let that stop you.  Buy it below.

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King's Quest V Nintendo NES Print Advertisement

Vintage Video Game Advertisement - Week 2 - check back each Saturday at noon pacific to see a new advertisement posted

King's Quest V print advertisement for Nintendo NES - Sierra game, published by Konami. 

King's Quest V print advertisement for Nintendo NES - Sierra game, published by Konami. 

Sierra made some of the greatest PC games of the 80s and 90s.  Included in those was the King's Quest series.  This is the only classic Sierra adventures to be created for home consoles.  While the game play is similar to the PC version there are some major differences in text and sound.  Nintendo required Sierra to alter text slightly to adhere to their guidelines for making the game family friendly.  Certain instances of violence, death and religion have been edited out in the NES version.  Konami, the publisher, really went out of their way with this beautiful print ad to make the game seem more exciting than an actual point and click adventure.  Point and click was not the Nintendo Entertainment Systems strength.  While the game may be enjoyable and take you back to the golden days of computer gaming, it was major flop in the home console market. 

Why don't you give it a try?  BUY! 

if we're out of stock get it at one of these fine online establishments!

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Vintage Video Game Advertisement of the Week - Double Dragon Nintendo NES

This is the first installment of Vintage Video Game Ad of the Week - Check back every Saturday to see the next classic video game advertisement!

Two quality Double Dragon advertisements!

Like many of the classic arcade games of the 80s, the most popular received ports to home consoles.  Double Dragon was one such "#1 Arcade Smash" that saw a port to various systems.  While the Sega Master System version of Double Dragon allowed for two players simultaneously,  The Nintendo Entertainment System sold far more copies and was much more successful.  Get your copy of Double Dragon now --> BUY!   Sold out?  Check it out on eBay here.

Both advertisements came from a comic books.    My favorite is the second, where both dudes are about to... uh... fight.

Advertisement for next week - King's Quest V for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

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Ecstasy Of Order: The Tetris Masters

Ben Mullen's trying his damnedest to reach the mythical level 30!

Ben Mullen's trying his damnedest to reach the mythical level 30!

Do you ever dream of blocks falling from the sky?  You're not the only one!  Follow one man's quest to find the best Tetris player in the world.   Interviews with the inventor of Tetris, numerous Tetris World Record holders and the man, the myth, the legend - Mr. Nintendo World Champion himself - Thor Aackerlund.   Not to be missed


Ecstasy Of Order: The Tetris Masters
Starring Thor Aackerlund, Pat Contri, Harry Hong, Jesse Kelkar, Robin Mihara