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Hello Kitty Promo / Pre-Production Nintendo DS Lite System Cases

My lord, where did I go for a month? I'm not really sure.  Anyway, here are two unique Hello Kitty Nintendo Game Cases.  Read below!

Hello Kitty Pre-Production Nintendo DS Lite game console cases. Both cases were never produced/released.
PINK Auction
BLACK Auction

A little bit of info - these two cases were going to be produced by RDS Industries and were to be officially licensed by Nintendo. The cases never saw the light of day because they were not to code/style for Nintendo.  These are the only two like these produced.  You won't find another two similar.  Both very rare, one of a kind items.  Both are still very affordable!

Other things that caught our eyes on eBay (current and ended auctions)

Adventure International's 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe Brand New - Sells for over $2,000 USD! I wonder if Scott Adams' garage is filled with sealed copies of all of his classics?  This particular copy was a 5.25" diskette & data cassette tape for the Atari 8-Bit computer.  A VERY nice copy!  Peterolafson, the seller, has had some AMAZING auctions running over the past year.  Check out his ended items - HOLY HELL!

Super Nintendo SNES Burn in Controller TEST Cartridge - newly listed!  Super, SUPER rare SNES Burn-in cartridge.  This particular cart is the Controller Test program.  Test cartridges like this were used at Official Nintendo Service Centers back in the day.  From my experience, Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 test carts are among the hardest to come by - someone should snag this beauty as they only appear once in a blue moon. The seller, vgrxe185, is completely reliable and legit.

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Tiger Advertisement coming next week! I promise :D

Video Game Advertisements Weeks 4,5 & 6! Lemmings, Destiny of an Emperor and Super Off Road

Vintage Video Game Advertisement - Week 4, 5 & 6 - check back each Saturday to see a new advertisement posted

I must say, it's been a busy three weeks here at Wafflefoot.  Cataloging, organizing and receiving inventory is trying. Making sure everything is up to par when the store launches has kept me from my weekly Saturday ritual of adding a new (old) video game advertisement to the site. 

SO, today, you get 3 for 1 - that's right, 3 classic and totally rad ads from the era of the Nintendo Entertainment System! 

I do not have much to say or add to the ads today, but please enjoy these classics!

If you get the itch to play one of these, click below on one of the eBay links.

Next Saturday - we'll cover Tiger Handhelds and their... uhhh... fun-ness from the 90s.

Adventures of Lolo Promotional Plush Characters

Adventures of Lolo Plush Characters, Lolo and Lala. Promo items from HAL America circa 1990
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Now this is something you don't see everyday.  In fact, I've never seen these two cute and cuddly figures and I've been collecting, buying and selling Nintendo products since 2000.  Sure, the same seller is offering up the HOLY GRAIL of all Nintendo NES Games (the Nintendo World Championship cartridge), but these two little plush figures are a bit more my style.

While the wife may be none too happy if I spend upwards of $100 on stuffed animals, these two guys are legit!  Still 2-days to go! My inner 7-year-old self must resist...