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Bubble Bobble Nintendo NES Print Advertisement

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Bubble Bobble in all it's 8-bit glory!

Bubble Bobble in all it's 8-bit glory!

Few games had as much influence on my life as Bubble Bobble did in the early 1990s.  This title pretty much sold me on the NES. It really does feel like yesterday that I can recall sitting for hours playing this game with my sister. The two magnificent, cute and chubby little dinosaur mascots MADE this particular title.  Bub and Bob were money baby, and they didn't even know it.  This platformer, meets occasional puzzle was originally a Taito Arcade game that saw many ports to the home console market.   Bubble Bobble and it's characters also spawned popular spin-offs such as the a Bust-A-Move franchise and sequels like Rainbow Islands and the rare Bubble Bobble 2 for NES and Game Boy.  

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