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Adventures of Lolo Promotional Plush Characters

Adventures of Lolo Plush Characters, Lolo and Lala. Promo items from HAL America circa 1990
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Now this is something you don't see everyday.  In fact, I've never seen these two cute and cuddly figures and I've been collecting, buying and selling Nintendo products since 2000.  Sure, the same seller is offering up the HOLY GRAIL of all Nintendo NES Games (the Nintendo World Championship cartridge), but these two little plush figures are a bit more my style.

While the wife may be none too happy if I spend upwards of $100 on stuffed animals, these two guys are legit!  Still 2-days to go! My inner 7-year-old self must resist...


Complete in Box and GEM Mint Donkey Kong for Nintendo NES

image courtesy of eBay dot com

image courtesy of eBay dot com

My close friend and former Nintendo World Champion 3rd place finisher, Robin Mihara, is auctioning off some of the nicest condition Black Box games in the world.  While most have already sold, This 'Original' Donkey Kong for the NES might be the nicest, complete, copy I've ever seen.

The Black Box series games were the launch titles for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) when it was released in 1985.  This particular Donkey Kong happens to be a first print with an un-punched hangtab (see the picture on the back of the box).  These particular titles are getting harder and harder to find in this type of condition.   Don't miss out on this auction - while it may already be at $200, recorded sales for sealed copies of this game have reached far into the thousands!

Or check out Robin's other auctions for awesome sealed titles and VGA Graded games in amazing condition... or buy something for the misses, like the holy-grail of Playstation 1 games - the Syphon Filter 3 Pre-9-11 Cover.  

Ecstasy Of Order: The Tetris Masters

Ben Mullen's trying his damnedest to reach the mythical level 30!

Ben Mullen's trying his damnedest to reach the mythical level 30!

Do you ever dream of blocks falling from the sky?  You're not the only one!  Follow one man's quest to find the best Tetris player in the world.   Interviews with the inventor of Tetris, numerous Tetris World Record holders and the man, the myth, the legend - Mr. Nintendo World Champion himself - Thor Aackerlund.   Not to be missed


Ecstasy Of Order: The Tetris Masters
Starring Thor Aackerlund, Pat Contri, Harry Hong, Jesse Kelkar, Robin Mihara