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King’s Quest V Nintendo NES Print Advertisement

King’s Quest V print advertisement for Nintendo NES – Sierra game, published by Konami.
Vintage Video Game Advertisement – Week 2 – check back each Saturday at noon pacific to see a new advertisement posted
Sierra made some of the greatest PC games of the 80s and 90s. Included in those was the King’s Quest series. This is the only classic Sierra adventures to be created for home consoles. While the game play is similar to the PC version there are some major differences in text and sound. Nintendo required Sierra to alter text slightly to adhere to their guidelines for making the game family friendly. Certain instances of violence, death and religion have been edited out in the NES version. Konami, the publisher, really went out of their way with this beautiful print ad to make the game seem more exciting than an actual point and click adventure. Point and click was not the Nintendo Entertainment Systems strength. While the game may be enjoyable and take you back to the golden days of computer gaming, it was major flop in the home console market.
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