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Unreleased, Unannounced and Canceled South Park Video Game Cinema for Original Xbox

About two weeks ago my brother-in-law and I stumbled upon an original Xbox Development Kit (XDK). This kit had a three unreleased programs and unannounced games that appeared to be in the works – one was a game called cavegirl – you control a silhouetted “cavegirl” that can jump and run around a silhouetted world. Incomplete and not much going on in this title. The second was a playable/controlable cinema for the game Happy Feet. Not much going on here either. The third, and final file(s) we opened were for a title called ‘spark’. We weren’t sure what it was at first, but upon opening we realized it to be an unreleased/unannounced and canceled South Park video game that never saw the light of day on Xbox.
The gameplay is largely incomplete and there are many bugs. The game is unfinished. It appears to be an open world mix of South Park meets Grand Theft Auto and/or Simpsons Hit and Run However, after extracting the files, we found a cinema of what looks to be a brief intro to a mission of the game. I’ve went ahead an uploaded the video to YouTube and have linked it below.
Stay tuned as we search for more hidden treasures of this unheard of gem!

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