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Vintage Video Game Advertisement of the Week – Double Dragon Nintendo NES

This is the first installment of Vintage Video Game Ad of the Week – Check back every Saturday to see the next classic video game advertisement!
Two quality Double Dragon advertisements!
Like many of the classic arcade games of the 80s, the most popular received ports to home consoles. Double Dragon was one such “#1 Arcade Smash” that saw a port to various systems. While the Sega Master System version of Double Dragon allowed for two players simultaneously, The Nintendo Entertainment System sold far more copies and was much more successful. Get your copy of Double Dragon now –> BUY! Sold out? Check it out on eBay here.
Both advertisements came from a comic books. My favorite is the second, where both dudes are about to… uh… fight.
Advertisement for next week – King’s Quest V for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

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